Useful Roofing Terminology

Whether it’s a point of architectural interest or a feature that blends into its exterior, the roof of your home provides substantial protection against the elements. It keeps all the structural components dry, helps control energy bills and shelters everything below it. Although a roof lasts many decades, they do need periodic attention and maintenance.… Continue reading Useful Roofing Terminology

Maintaining a Wood Shingle Roof

  Whether your roof is made of wood shakes or shingles, odds are if you have a wood shingle roof, it’s made of western red cedar. The good news is a cedar shingle roof is a beautiful enhancement to your home that provides long-lasting protection from some of the worst that mother nature has to… Continue reading Maintaining a Wood Shingle Roof

What to Look for in a Roof when Buying a Home

It’s tempting to ignore technical details like roofing when you’re house hunting. You’re probably so excited about that beautiful wraparound window and even more exquisite yard that missing tiles and cracked shingles seem comparatively unimportant, but even small trouble spots can cost a pretty penny to repair. There’s no reason to take on unnecessary expenses,… Continue reading What to Look for in a Roof when Buying a Home