Useful Roofing Terminology

Whether it’s a point of architectural interest or a feature that blends into its exterior, the roof of your home provides substantial protection against the elements. It keeps all the structural components dry, helps control energy bills and shelters everything below it. Although a roof lasts many decades, they do need periodic attention and maintenance.… Continue reading Useful Roofing Terminology

What is a Gable Roof?

Perhaps the most prominent feature of a home is its roof, which makes the style of roof you choose a critical factor in the appearance of your home. Ask anyone, child or adult, to “draw a house,” and you will most likely be presented with a depiction of a gabled roof. At its most basic,… Continue reading What is a Gable Roof?

Roofing Terminology

Understanding common roofing terminology helps you to explore your options more thoroughly when you’re building your own roof. It can even help you to negotiate with your insurer to gain coverage or improve the terms of your policy. Gaining a better understanding of the language puts you on the same page as your materials supplier, helping… Continue reading Roofing Terminology