Maintaining a Wood Shingle Roof

  Whether your roof is made of wood shakes or shingles, odds are if you have a wood shingle roof, it’s made of western red cedar. The good news is a cedar shingle roof is a beautiful enhancement to your home that provides long-lasting protection from some of the worst that mother nature has to… Continue reading Maintaining a Wood Shingle Roof

Checking Your Roof for Water Damage

The roof over your head is literally one of the most important features when it comes to home comfort and safety. In fact, the roof is so important that many homeowners take theirs for granted, assuming it will protect them from the elements almost indefinitely. The truth is that even a high-quality, relatively new homes… Continue reading Checking Your Roof for Water Damage

The Downside To Quickie Roof Fixes

It can be tempting to indulge in a series of quick, affordable fixes—especially when faced with the cost of a potential roof replacement. It’s also appealing to hire a do-it-all handyman whose services are less than a roofing expert when you are experiencing leaks and other issues. While choosing these routes is up to the… Continue reading The Downside To Quickie Roof Fixes

The Downside to Tile Roofs

Tile roofing in all its forms — concrete, slate, clay, and so on — has some definite advantages, but it’s not a perfect form of roofing by any means. Depending on where you live, how you normally treat your house, and what your household repair budget is usually like, tile roofing can actually cause quite… Continue reading The Downside to Tile Roofs

The Downside to DIY Roofing

Roofing involves incredible intricacy and skill. Approaching it the DIY way exposes you to every element and requires plenty of hard labor. It’s an extensive and time-consuming task, so weigh up the pros and cons before deciding to rely on your own expertise. The Practicalities If you can’t walk comfortably around on your roof, you won’t… Continue reading The Downside to DIY Roofing

Knowing When it’s Time for a New Roof

It is not always easy to tell when you need to replace your roof. Not all of the issues that can affect the integrity of your roof require a roof replacement. Unless you have a fire or a tree comes crashing through your roof, it is often difficult to determine which situations call for a… Continue reading Knowing When it’s Time for a New Roof

Choosing the Right Attic Insulation for your Home and Budget

Attics tend to be the most overlooked part of your home in which heat can escape. A poorly insulated attic can cause the winters in your home to be freezing cold and the summers to be scorching hot. This is because the attic is directly connected to the roof. The temperature of the roof will reflect… Continue reading Choosing the Right Attic Insulation for your Home and Budget