Preparing for the Installation of Your New Roof


Although your roofer will do the hard work when you get a new roof, you can help make things go smoothly with a little preparation ahead of time. Here are some things you can do to prepare for the installation of your new roof.

Clear away garden furniture

Remove any furniture or other items from near your home so that the roofing crew can access your roof easily. This will also protect your things from falling debris or accidental knocks and bumps.

Trim long grass and tree branches

If you have any branches overhanging your roof, trim them so they aren’t a hazard for the roofers. You may want to trim any tall grass near the house so that any dropped roofing nails are easily spotted. It’s easier to seen nails in a recently mowed, clear yard, so cut the grass before the roofing contractors arrive.

Make sure the roofers have clear and easy access to all sides of the house

You may need to park your car away from the driveway so the roofers can bring the supplies to your house. They may need access to the back yard, so make sure that they can let themselves in and out of the yard as needed.

Secure your pets

If you have dogs or cats that stay outside, bring them inside or crate them so that they don’t get hurt or lost during the roofing installation. They may be frightened of the noise, and a frightened pet is more likely to run off.

After the roof is installed, your roofers will do an inspection of your property for dropped nails, shingles, and other debris, but you may want to do another check before allowing your pets or children to play in the area around the house.

Cover your pool and hot tub

If you have one, cover your hot tub to prevent debris from falling in and damaging the liner. The same thing goes for the pool, especially if it’s close to the house. Even one stray roofing nail can do a lot of damage to a pool liner, so cover it up to keep them out.

Notify your neighbors

Roof installation is noisy work. Notifying your neighbors that there’ll be noise is the polite thing to do. If the roofers will need to access their property in order to do their jobs, clear it with your neighbor first. The last thing that you or your roofers want to do is to upset your neighbors when you’re having your roof installed, so take the time to talk to them before the roofers arrive.

Secure items inside your home

Vibrations from hammering and footsteps on your roof can knock photos off the wall, so secure them or take them down until after the roof has been installed. If you have hanging planters or other hanging decorations, take them down until the job is finished to prevent them from falling accidentally.

Sometimes the work on the roof can cause dust to fall inside your home. This is normal, but you may want to protect your furniture with dust sheets. If you have any family members who are sensitive to excess dust, you may want to send them out of the home until the work is finished.

A few careful preparations will make things easier for your roofers and safer for your family, pets, and belongings. Take the time to prepare for your new roof and you can enjoy it without worry once the roofers are gone.


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