7 Roofing Safety Tips


Working on your roof can be quite dangerous. If you’ve never done work on your roof, then you shouldn’t try to attempt any large-scale projects. Start with smaller projects and work your way up so that you become comfortable and familiar with working on the roof. Safety is a priority when doing roof work, so be sure to keep the following seven safety tips in mind at all times:

  1. Have your roof inspected – Before you climb up on your roof in order to do any kind of work, strongly consider having a roof inspector come by to look over your roof’s condition. The last thing you want to do is risk your safety by climbing onto a roof that has serious structural problems. A professional roof inspection will help you to determine whether the roof is safe for you to work on.
  2. Don’t attempt roof work in poor weather – Avoid going up on your roof if it is raining or has just recently rained. A wet roof makes it much more difficult to get good footing and can cause you to slip and fall. You should also avoid going up to your roof if the weather is too windy.
  3. Make sure the area around the roof is clear – While working on the roof, you may accidentally drop tools down to the ground. Or shingles may slide down and off the roof. Because of this, always make sure that the area around your house is clear. If you have kids or pets, keep them inside while you are doing work on the roof.
  4. Keep ladder safety in mind – Always check your ladder before using it to make sure it’s not damaged and that it will support your weight. Attach a ladder stabilizer to the top of your ladder. Make sure that your ladder has proper support. If you’re setting it down on grass or in dirt, dig holes beneath the bottom of the ladder so that it won’t slip out of place. When using the ladder, always keep two hands and one foot in contact with the ladder in order to ensure the safest grip and the best balance.
  5. Wear the proper clothing and gear  – Make sure your clothing isn’t too loose as you don’t want it to get in the way of your movement. Wear a safety helmet in case you accidentally fall. To help prevent falls, make sure you wear shoes or boots that have good grip on their soles to help prevent slipping. Shoes and boots with soft soles tend to provide the best traction.
  6. Keep electrical safety in mind – Don’t start work on your roof if there are power lines nearby – especially if you are working with metal flashing. Electricity can jump several feet – so just because you aren’t touching nearby power lines does not mean you are safe from being shocked. In fact, you should call your utility company if there are nearby power lines before starting work.
  7. Don’t work on the roof by yourself – Always make sure that there is someone else nearby that can help you out in case something happens – such as if you fall from the roof. Even if that person is in the yard simply observing you. This way, if you do injure yourself, they can get help as quickly as possible.

If you’re not careful, working on your roof can be a very dangerous task and you may want to consider hiring a professional. However, if you decide to do a roof project on your own, then make sure you always keep these roofing safety tips in mind.


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